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I want to be Captain!

Dragi colegi! Acest blog nu este o gazeta de perete! Acest blog este un loc unde incercam sa razbatem unor vremuri in care, personal, consider ca inca mai sunt unii care gadesc ca mai jos:

I want to be captain when I grow up just like my dad because captains don’t have to go to school, they can just climb up a pipe like my dad did. They only need to learn figures so they can read instruments. I think they also have to be able to read maps and look at stars and buoys so they don’t get lost but that’s easy.

Captains have to be brave so they don’t get scared when it’s so foggy that they can’t see but when something really bad happens, like the propeller falls off, they just call someone else and tell them to fix it. Captains have to have eyes that can see through the clouds and they mustn’t be afraid of thunder and lightning which they have closer to them than what we have.

Captains get to bring home lots of cool toys like compasses and smoke grenades and cool binoculars that my dad says he uses when the ship is close to land. My dad has run his ship aground before but he said it was ok because no one saw him do it. Girls are tattletales, I think that’s why dad always looks out for them in the binoculars when he takes us fishing near the beach. He also has a gun to fight real pirates but he says he doesn’t worry about them stealing anything because all of his money is sent home to mom.

The captain’s wages is another thing I like. My dad says he makes more money than god and if mom didn’t like shoes so much we would be rich. Captains make lots of money because most people think it’s dangerous to run a ship, except captains, because they know how easy it is. Mom says that dad doesn’t even drive the ship, the helmsman does that, dad just drinks coffee, bosses people around and plays video games on his work computer. I don’t like coffee but I like bossing around my sister and playing video games.

Dad gets lots of vacation time. He mostly watches TV but also takes us fishing or to baseball games when mom gets mad which happens a lot when he is home. He must love his job because we have lots of fun when he’s home but he’s still always happy when he has to go back to work.

There’s not much I don’t like, except that girls like captains, all the girls want to marry a captain, so captains are always having to go back to their ships to get some peace.

I hope I don’t get sea sick, because if I get sea sick I can’t be a captain and I’ll have to drive an old smelly car to work everyday like my uncle.


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